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Career Seekers

If you’re serious about your pharma career destiny, PharmStorm is for you! Unlike traditional job boards, we give you the best opportunity to be matched with the right pharma job. It couldn’t be simpler —just apply once and let hundreds of potential employers find you. Best of all? You’re completely anonymous! You can respond to a company only at your discretion. We make it easy to be in control of your career search. Learn more!


Having a hard time finding a pharmaceutical job internship? We can help! If you are frustrated with employment sites or simply not finding luck elsewhere, PharmStorm can connect you with prospective pharmaceutical employers seeking interns. We make it easy for you to get the experience you need and a foot in the door. Begin your pharma career search here. Learn more!


Are you a pharma hiring manager frustrated with your current recruitment efforts? PharmStorm can help! The last thing you want to do is hire an employee who won’t fulfill the requirements of the job. PharmStorm has developed a new, innovative method of matching the best available employee for any given position. We give you access to the best, most qualified employees looking to work for you. Best of all? Unlike job boards, we don’t charge you! That’s right — PharmStorm is 100% free for employers so you have nothing to lose. Learn more!

About Us

A Pharma Job Search Site Unlike Any Other! provides job-seekers and employers a better career-search alternative in the highly-specialized global pharmaceutical industry. is the first platform of CareerStorm, Inc., a family of companies dedicated to helping individuals and employers to maximize career opportunities. was developed exclusively for the pharmaceutical and supporting industries. Our advanced pharma job search platform leverages proprietary software and a unique series of algorithms. Unlike conventional career sites which use simple word match searches, filters candidates’ qualifications against the requirements of all the positions posted by employers.

Pharma Job Search Site for Career Seekers effectively markets candidates to every open position that they qualify for via a profile – not a resume. Candidates can customize their career search and avoid companies they have no interest in. The PharmStorm approach is a far more efficient employment search method.

Pharma Job Search Site for Pharmaceutical Employers

PharmStorm is free to pharmaceutical employers allowing them to post a much broader range of employment opportunities than they would on typical pay-to-list job boards. ONLY qualified candidates are presented to them through the advanced software PharmStorm offers, saving both companies and candidates time and money.

PharmStorm has raised the bar and now gives job seekers and employers worldwide a far better alternative in this niche/specialized marketplace. CEO’s & Directors are seeing tremendous results in talent acquisition. Their recruiters are not wasting time reviewing unqualified candidates, reaching candidates that may not be interested in their company, or off the market. Only active, interested candidates are forwarding their credentials once selected.

CareerStorm has maximized the recruiting process and answers the problem of ineffective job-boards that has been growing for well over a decade. The “STORM” is here.

The End Result: Candidates Have the Power to Select Companies and Take Back Their Career Destiny! Learn more & Get Started Now!

Read Our Mission Statement

* The number of profiles presented will vary based on both the customized “selectivity” of the company’s search criteria and the number of candidates qualified for that position currently in the database.


Following are the answers to some commonly-asked questions about  how helps you find pharma jobs:

Q. How much does it cost to use

A. charges $9.99 a month for candidates to post their profiles and access the best career opportunities. While they need to enter information one time only to be continually matched with all upcoming jobs entering the database, candidates are always welcome to edit or tweak their profiles to optimize their chances of success.  (Candidates can also opt to purchase a year enrollment with a cost of just $99 for the year which saves you nearly $21 off the monthly.)

Q. Why do you charge candidates when other sites have no fees?

A. We believe in providing value. As with many other offerings, you get what you pay for. has invested heavily in leading-edge technologies that will help position you for the best career opportunities in your field and for which you are qualified. If we just wanted to dump your resume into a big black hole, we probably wouldn’t charge you anything either. Instead, we are committed to helping individuals gain the career opportunities they deserve with the companies they want…in the cities and countries they choose.

Q. Why us there no cost to employers? Don’t they have all the money to spend?

A. HR costs are a big part of a company’s expense.  When costs have to be trimmed, often a budget will allow for only the highest paying jobs to be advertised.  This limits the amount of jobs that become available to you.  Additionally, smaller companies may not even have the budget to post some positions for which many of our candidates just might be a great match. We believe our approach enables companies to post more jobs, as well as a wider variety of jobs.  More jobs posted means more varied opportunities for our candidates.

Q. What companies are posting positions on

A. is being used by all sectors of the pharmaceutical and related industries, from the largest, global pharma companies to middle-market bio-pharm and life sciences companies to growing and even start-ups in this dynamic field. On our website, we will maintain an active list of companies supplying job requisitions to us. We will often add the company logo to the scroller on the home page, but will also have a listing available to registered candidates.

Q. Can I select the companies I would like to consider my application?

A. Absolutely. That’s one of the features that makes so attractive to candidates across the entire organizational landscape. From C-Suite level senior executives to line workers, candidates can choose which companies they would like to reply to and specify those with which they do not want to share their resumes. This makes the search much more productive for candidates and companies alike.

Q. What kind of positions will be available on PharmStorm.Com?

A. was designed to help candidates in all positions for all departments – Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, R&D, Production, Marketing, Sales, and Facilities, etc.

Q. What else makes a career site candidates and employers alike should use?

A. is a proactive, pro-candidate and pro-employer career site. It uses proprietary software and a unique series of algorithms to actively match candidates’ qualifications and preferences against the specified criteria of open positions posted by employers. Other online employment sites use simple word matches that result in employers receiving countless resumes of unqualified applicants and applicants’ resumes getting absolutely no consideration.

Q. How do you protect the privacy of the candidates and companies on

A. applies state-of-the-art technology incorporating sophisticated code and encryption software to promote highest standards of data protection.


Current Trends and Useful Information

Hiring Trends | CareerStorm Giving was developed exclusively for the pharmaceutical and related industries. This advanced platform leverages proprietary software and a unique series of algorithms. Unlike conventional career sites which use simple word match searches, filters candidates’ qualifications against the requirements of all the positions posted by employers.



PharmStorm and its parent company, CareerStorm, are committed to providing uniquely defined opportunities to both veterans and military who have recently served.

Any companies, in the U.S. or abroad, that offer special programs or incentives to our veterans and returning soldiers, please give us a listing of your programs and supply any additional information you may have. We will be working in concert with the VA as well as many NGO’s local and national, to make sure that all opportunities that exist are given the greatest exposure possible.

We also encourage the creation of re-education and retraining programs to help assimilate our returning soldiers. Many already have specialized training in a wide variety of technical and non-technical areas. They have proven to be an enormous asset to companies globally.

Thank you!


Please feel free to get in touch with us especially regarding any ways in which you think we could improve your experience here. While we have worked hard to make this simple and easy, (and hopefully even, fun!) this is a new product so we're sure there are some pretty obvious things we've overlooked. Your comments or questions are welcome. Thank you!

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WARNING: PharmStorm’s career site has been created solely for the use of companies looking to hire candidates and job seekers seeking direct employment. Career placement firms are forbidden to solicit on this site. Any employment service who posts resumes in an effort to collect a fee from employers or candidates will be subject to legal action by not following the set terms of this site, and the companies solicited will be notified and further made aware of the legal action taken.